Limor Lev CEO  |  04-9027701

Limor took over as CEO of Northern Goals in 2010 after a number of management, development and planning positions in the third sector, including the development of national programs for the treatment of sexually abused children and youth.  Limor took part in national planning initiatives and was a member of an inter-ministerial committee in the field of sexual assault.  Over the years, Limor has acquired expertise in managing multi-disciplinary programs and creating local and regional partnerships in order to promote social programs.  In parallel with her role as CEO, Limor serves as a board member for a number of social organizations and is a public representative on the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority Council.  Limor is responsible for managing a budget of more than NIS 100 million, operating in 100 localities and 750 employees.  Limor has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work, with a specialization in Organization and Management.

Oded Bashan Director, Migdal Or  |  077-7721322

Oded holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s in Business Administration. Oded made the choice to pursue a career in Social Management while he was deputy commander of the Golani Regiment, where he understood his desire to influence society would be valuable and effective through the field of social management.  Oded has been managing Migdal Or since 2015 and before that he served as VP for three years.  Oded serves as chairman of the Pat Forum (a forum of 18 leading associations and companies in the field of vocational rehabilitation) and is a leader of the work in this field.

Noemi Sharon Hazani Director of Steps  |  04-9027749

Noemi has been involved in the management and development of community and individual programs as well as been volunteering for social causes for over 16 years. Noemi believes that our resilience as a society is measured by the ability to see the other side, the disparity and the hardship and to act as individuals and as a community, to help and support.  As part of her role, Noemi manages more than 200 employees from different localities, cultures and sectors that reflect the fabric of Israeli society in the north.

Eitan Ben-Atiya Director of Family Forward  |  04-9027741

Eitan joined the Northern Goals’ team six years ago and has since led the Family Forward Division, working with families at economic, emotional and social risk. The programs provide a variety of solutions to 12,000 service recipients and operate in 70 localities in the north. Eitan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Teaching Certificate.  He dedicated his professional life to  education  Eitan managed early childhood development for the Gilboa local authority, after which he was appointed regional director of the “Good Start” program at JDC Ashalim.  As part of the program, Eitan dealt with the development and implementation of the national program for children at risk (360).  Eitan brings with him in-depth knowledge and experience working with local government and in particular with the Arab society in the north.

Lina Sabbah Hezbon Director of Horizon  |  04-9027734

For the last 13 years, Lina has directed Northern Goals’ division providing services for girls and young women at risk.  She manages and develops responses for over 1,000 service recipients. Lina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s in Criminology.  Prior to joining Northern Goals, Lina worked in the field of children and youth at risk, underwent special training in the field of child and family care, training as a Youth Law social worker and served as a social worker and youth social worker.  As part of her work, she dealt with individual therapy, family therapy and working with groups.  Lina has held a number of positions, with a significant portion of her work focusing on children and youth with high levels of distress and risk situations as well as managing a staff of social workers for the Youth Law.

Yehonatan Piamenta Director of Kerem Program  |  04-6528786

Yehonatan joined the Northern Goals in 2016 as director of the Kerem Galil-Golan Center and currently manages the field of ​​sexual assault.  In parallel, he serves as a research fellow at the University of Haifa in the field of sexual assault, and is a lecturer at the Haruv Institute for professionals in various fields.  Yehonatan holds a doctorate in Criminology and Social Work from the University of Haifa.  Prior to joining North Goals, he worked in the field of sexual abuse of children and youth and managed the national assistance line for religious male victims of sexual abuse.



Avishai Aizenberg Finance and Information Technology Manager  |  04-9027710

Avishai joined Northern Goals in 2013 with seven years’ management experience at Delek and three years and the accounting firm, Deloitte.  Over the years, he has redesigned the finance department and initiated many processes to improve the organization’s efficiency, including transfer to automated systems.  In 2019, he was appointed Director of Finance and Information Technology, where he also manages and leads the development of the existing information system infrastructure in the organization.  Avishai has an Israeli accounting license and a Master’s in Business Administration and Financial Management.

Nir Komisar Operations Director  |  04-9027727

As Operations Director for Northern Goals, Nir is responsible for managing organizational and cross-organizational projects, including asset management and insurance. Nir holds a degree in Public Administration and joined the team in 2014. He brings extensive experience in his field, including 14 years of operating a shelter for girls at-risk.

Noga Lugassi-Kotkin Director of Human Resources  |  04-9027722

Noga joined Northern Goals in 2011 and established the Human Resources Department which supports over 750 employees.  As part of her role, Noga supports the heads of department and employees and is responsible for the development of human resources, including recruitment, welfare, training, professional development, termination of employment. Noga has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and a Master’s in Organizational Consulting, and she brings with her experience in the field of management in the third sector.

Anna Gilboa Director of Resource Development  |  04-9027728

In her role as Director of Resource Development at Northern Goals, Anna is responsible for building and developing partnerships and communication with philanthropic communities and  foundations in Israel and abroad, as well as public relations for the organization.  Before joining the team (over six years ago), Anna managed resource development activities in a number of non-profit organizations and served as Business Development Manager for a start-up.  Anna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Psychology from the Hebrew University and a Master’s in Business Administration with specialization in Finance from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Holland, where she graduated with honors.

Rinat Bar-El Legal Counselor (Attorney at Law)  |  04-9027725

Rinat has served as the legal counselor for Northern Goals since 2014.  Before then, she worked as a lawyer in the private sector and volunteered for various settings.  The social responsibility field is very much part of her professional life.  Rinat holds two bachelor’s degrees in Criminology and Law, as well as a Master’s in Public Law from Northwestern University in the United States.  As part of her role, Rinat deals with a variety of legal areas, including labor law, tenders, promotion of the rights of people with disabilities, as well as ongoing activities with senior officials in government ministries and local government.

Serach Weinberg Director of Development  |  04-9027729

Serach joined Northern Goals in 2018 as a coordinator in the Family Forward Department for the Mifgash Project and Noshmin L’Revacha and Otzma programs.  Serach currently manages the development department at Northern Goals’ headquarters.  As part of her role, she is responsible for developing the organization’s strategic goals and supporting the areas for growth and development.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and her Masters’ in cognitive developmental disabilities.  She brings a wealth of experience in developing and leading social and educational projects.

Bella Kaizerman Administration Manager  |  04-9027701

Bela joined Northern Goals 7 years ago. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Haifa in General History and Multidisciplinary Studies, which she graduated with honors. Bela has served many years in permanent service in the Navy and she brings with her extensive experience in management, procurement, budgets and working with suppliers. As part of her role, Bela serves as the right hand of the organization’s CEO, providing an administrative response to the headquarters managers and leading the Association’s administrative forum.

Idan Tahor Financial Controller