Help us create a new reality

in northern Israel

94 cents of every $ donated is

 spent on Northern Goals' beneficiaries

Where does the money go?

Resource development


Developmental treatments for very young children

Hundreds of children in the North are on waiting lists for months to receive therapeutic interventions. Help us shorten waiting times for a range of paramedical treatments so that developmental gaps can be reduced before the children enter first grade.


Programs to encourage educational achievements among teen girls at risk.

For many young girls, education is the make-or-break factor in escaping the cycle of poverty and distress. Help us provide tutoring to girls who are struggling at school so that they can graduate with matriculation and have a chance to progress to academic studies.

Family Forward

Guidance for families living in poverty and social exclusion

Help us assign trained family-guides to disadvantaged families who are struggling with routine demands of domestic management, to work with them on improving their financial and social situation.

Migdal Or

Technology Support Helpline for people with vision loss

We need to continue developing this first-of-its kind initiative that provides real-time phone support on smartphones, tablets and computers to blind and visually-impaired users’ needs.


Programs for young women to develop valuable skills to join the workforce.

Such as interview techniques, teamwork, managing finances, career development, starting a business – so that they can aspire to and plan a better future for themselves.


Ecological kindergarten in Merom Hagalil

This project works to teach the basics of environmental protection and sustainability and is need of support to continue reaching preschoolers from across the northern region.

Northern Goals

None of our successes would have been possible without the support of many partners along the way – individuals, groups, and communities who share our commitment to creating a better future for people living in the northern periphery, and whose involvement has brought many of our dreams to realization.

Following a challenging year, the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected the underprivileged living in northern Israel, we need you now more than ever to change the life trajectory of those in need.  Please do join us!