General Director

A word from our General Director

It has been an enormous privilege to be part of Northern Goals since its founding in 2004 and to lead the organization in the past few years. I am proud that we are constantly developing and advancing, looking for new opportunities to improve the lives of Israel’s northern residents – children and their parents, girls and women, families and communities, and people who are blind or visually-impaired in all parts of the country – creating new ways to enable them to realize their own strengths. Northern Goals exists to help people overcome obstacles to fulfilling their potential, progress along their individual path and achieve their personal goals.

Among Northern Goals’ achievements over the course of the past decade, we can point to the following:

  • Early childhood education has become a priority at the municipal level
  • Teen girls at risk are involved in therapeutic programming that helps them turn their lives around
  • Families who are struggling financially and socially are being helped out of the cyclical distress
  • People with blindness or visual impairment are gaining independence and accessing employment
  • Youngsters who have suffered sexual assault are getting the professional assistance they need

We view problems, solutions and opportunities through a system-wide lens, with a comprehensive perspective. In everything we do, we strive towards excellence, innovation, initiative and professionalism.

At Northern Goals, we are committed to working together with many different partners. While it is a privilege to implement government policies and support local government priorities, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop services and programs beyond all expectation.

I have great admiration and pride in the staff of Northern Goals. We are a listening, sensitive and creative organization, a team that is always checking itself and seeking ways to improve. These features, as well as our commitment and responsibility to the people we serve, are the DNA of Northern Goals Association.

Limor Lev
General Director