The "First step" day care center was launched in Hatzor HaGalilit


42 sweet babies and toddlers started their developmental and educational journey at the new daycare center in Hatzor HaGalilit “First step”. The daycare center, operated by Northern Goals, is another layer in our activities in Hatzor HaGalilit in the field of early childhood, together with the Early Childood center and the daycare center “Steps” which has been operated for several years.

At the “Steps” daycare center, we emphasize the quality of care and intenstive training of the staff. The daycare center was opened to address the lack of an educational frameworks for infants in the town.

The building was renovated by the Haztor HaGalilit local council through the economic society and equipped thanks to the generous donation of the chairman of the M-Power Israel Foundation, Mr. Eival Gilady.


The local council of Hatzor HaGalilit puts early childhood at the top of the city’s priorities and the results are visible!

We welcome the long-standing partnership with the Authority and hope to continue our collaboration for the children of Hatzor.

Noa Emanuel Kashani, the director of the daycare center, shared: “While the education system focuses on one type of ability – learning, there are over 100 different types of intelligence. We strive to see each child and identify their unique strengths. Our goal is to enable each boy and girl to develop these strengths, expand and enrich the abilities.

It is no coincidence that the names of our classes are –names of birds that do not refer to the age division of the children” Noa added: “It’s important to me that the parents know that in our daycare the children come to learn and develop. They will explore the world, touch the soil and also get dirty while learning, and that’s fine.”


The day care center is in the final stages of receiving a day care center recognition from the government Day care division, and there are only a few places left.


We wish the children, parents and staff much success and a fruitful school year!