Our added value

Expertise and Knowledge

The Northern Goals Association has succeeded in attracting top professionals in the community, social and welfare services and para medical treatments, who are renowned as experts in their field and have a wealth of practical experience. It is thanks to this high-quality staff that we are able to provide high-quality services.

Organizational Scope and Flexibility

Our organizational infrastructure gives us broad access across the region, enabling us to reach 90 localities in the North. We can quickly replicate successful programs to new places, and adapt them to different communities and cultures.

Experience in the Arab Sector

Various communities of the Arab population comprise over half the population of the northern region. Our extended experience in working with this sector gives us a special perspective on needs and solutions.

Join us

Join Us!

None of our successes would have been possible without the support of many partners along the way – individuals, groups, and communities who share our commitment to creating a better future for people living in the northern periphery, and whose involvement has brought many of our dreams to realization.

If you are interested in changing the life trajectory of Israel’s northern population, please join us in:

  • Identifying and treating developmental difficulties among very young children in additional northern localities;
  • Reaching out to more young girls who are living in situations or risk and distress, helping them dream of and attain a brighter future;
  • Assisting a greater number of families find their place in the world of employment and extricate themselves from the cycle of poverty;
  • Including more people with vision loss in training programs that enable them to function more independently and join the workforce;
  • Restoring emotional resilience to more youngsters who have undergone sexual abuse.

We need your help in order to do more of what we do well!

For further information about our work and to learn more about funding opportunities, please contact:

Anna Gilboa, Director of Resource Development